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Asbestos Removal Solutions in Adelaide and surrounds

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Allstar asbestos services

Asbestos Removal Solutions in Adelaide and surrounds

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Allstar Asbestos Services is an Adelaide based privately owned and operated company with over a decade of industry experience

Asbestos Removal Adelaide

Let’s be clear from the beginning – asbestos can be extremely dangerous. If it’s in a part of a building, in a fence or pipe and is secure then there is little or no problem. Asbestos only becomes dangerous when it is moved or moves itself through decay. That’s why there are strict regulations on handling asbestos. Dust, small even tiny particles and especially fibres which can become airborne are the super dangerous aspects of asbestos removal. Whereas once we loved the cheap, fire-resistant material, today it is seen as a potential killer. Treat the matter seriously and use a registered contractor to handle all the jobs involved with the asbestos in your property.

The main problem is that the tiny fibres which come away when asbestos breaks down are difficult if not impossible to see. People ingest them and that can be the cause of serious even fatal conditions. It has been described as the silent killer.

Are you planning on renovating your bathroom? Your present one could well have asbestos. Call in the expert and be safe rather than sorry.

 Asbestos Inspection and Testing

These are two important stages in dealing with asbestos. The chances of a lay person being able to identify asbestos and then to test to see if it safe are almost zero. That’s why a registered and expert trades person working with asbestos is not so much your best bet but your only bet. Leave it to the professionals. Have them look for asbestos on your property and, having found it, test to see its condition.

 Roof and Fence

Many older properties have asbestos in their fence or roof or both. You could have an old shed in your backyard which contains asbestos. Gaining access to your roof can be tricky. But even you are nimble climbing a ladder, knowing what to look for and then being able to assess the condition of any asbestos is a job too far. Don’t even try. Engage an asbestos expert. They will have a licence to perform the various tasks associated with inspecting, testing and removing asbestos.

 You have a choice

When it comes to choosing a contractor to deal with your asbestos you definitely do have a choice. Expect to pay between $40 to $60 per square metre knowing that removing the asbestos also includes wrapping it and delivering it to the approved disposal site. The registered contractors can do the lot.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

Asbestos products pose a serious health risk when deteriorated, broken, disturbed or during the demolition or renovation process. Safe asbestos removal is required by law to be completed by a licensed asbestos disposal company like Allstar. Allstar, is also the leading company for asbestos testing in Adelaide, is here to assist you with all your concerns and general enquiries like. We also offer a cost effective and safe asbestos removal, decontamination, collection and disposal services, new property inspections, identification and asbestos testing plus industrial and commercial asbestos registers.

Asbestos Removal Company Adelaide

Allstar offers no obligation free quotes for all your asbestos removal needs. We service Adelaide’s Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western suburbs and most SA country regions

Allstar Asbestos Exceeding Client’s Expectations

Always Exceeding Our Client’s Expectations

Allstar, one of the leading Asbestos Removal Adelaide specialists, aims to exceed our client’s expectations whether the service is to remove asbestos or to perform asbestos testing in properties or premises as our experienced and fully trained staff abide by all relevant acts, regulations and codes of practice to ensure the safety of our clients.

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