Asbestos Floor Tiles

Safe and guaranteed asbestos floor tiles removal

Asbestos floor tiles were a favourite during the last century. If your property was built at that time, then you may have the same flooring, too.

There’s no need to worry as long as the tiles are laid firmly in place. But if they are already damaged or you’re planning to remove them to replace your flooring, it’s crucial to call for professional help.

Allstar Asbestos has the capacity to remove asbestos floor tiles—from the smallest residential jobs to large scale commercial, industrial and government projects.

Can you remove asbestos floor tiles by yourself?

The answer is no.

There are several risks associated with removing asbestos floor tiles on your own. If you break any asbestos-containing material during the process, you’ll be turning it into a friable material, which is dangerous if inhaled.

Asbestos removal is a job that needs to be carried out only by experienced, licensed professionals. This doesn’t only ensure that you won’t be compromising your health but also guaranteeing compliance with the SA EPA.

Why choose Allstar Asbestos

Allstar Asbestos is the leading expert in all kinds of asbestos management and removal. Complete with licences and qualifications, we can help you safely assess, test, manage and remove any asbestos materials in your property.

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Allstar Asbestos provides expert, professional asbestos removal and consultancy services you can rely on. Based in Adelaide SA, we help customers in all sectors make their visions a reality.

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