All Star Asbestos Removal in Gawler

Gawler has history being the oldest country town on mainland Australia although being only 40 kilometres from Adelaide, the northern suburbs of the capital are creeping ever closer. And being such an old town, Gawler has many old buildings which could mean the presence of asbestos. It was used when building houses, fences, commercial buildings, even pipes used in Gawler from around the 1920s. At the time of course asbestos was in high demand. It was fire retardant, good for insulation and relatively cheap. But now we know asbestos has the capacity to cause serious health problems for anyone who may inhale or ingest the tiny fibres in asbestos.Of course if the material is secure it poses little or no risk. But if old age sees the material break down or renovation or demolition occurs, you may have serious problems. Call the experts.

What are the steps when tackling asbestos?

  • Always consult a professional asbestos removal company
  • Have them inspect your property
  • Have them prepare a report on the presence and condition of any asbestos on your property
  • Have them provide an obligation free quote on having your asbestos removed

Leave it to the experts

Unless you have building experience and particularly with older buildings, there is little chance you can locate and properly examine any asbestos in your buildings. Expertise is required. Remember asbestos can be in hard to access places like ceilings and roofs. And it’s not just knowing where to look, but knowing how to assess the condition of the asbestos.

You can’t do this type of work yourself and as far as removing, transporting and then storing asbestos in the right place are concerned, there are skills and laws which mean using a professional company like All Star Asbestos Removal Adelaide is your best move.

Count the benefits of partnering with All Star

  • They are specialists with years of experience
  • They know the rules and regulations drawn up by governments
  • They tackle the entire job from inspection to tidying up after take away
  • Their experts are experts with the best equipment and software programmes
  • The size of the job is unimportant
  • Free quotes are available for all
  • Residential or commercial buildings are treated the same

All Star Asbestos Removal serves Gawler with their slogan, “Asbestos? We’re the bestos.”

Give them a call today. 0447 496 700