Expert Asbestos Removal in Victor Harbor

Picturesque Victor Harbor with its many beautiful and historical buildings is like many other older areas in South Australia. There are buildings, built long ago both commercial and residential, which were constructed using asbestos. At the time this product was not considered dangerous. Today we know better. Mind you it’s important to understand that asbestos is only dangerous when it is exposed, broken or removed incorrectly. Asbestos can be found in buildings, pipes and fences. The first and best step for you to take is an inspection. Calling the best in the business, All Star Asbestos Removals Adelaide will give you all the information you need to know about your property.

What do we know about asbestos?

  • Governments have strict laws about using, moving and removing asbestos
  • It used to be inexpensive and is still effective as insulating material
  • Few people knew of the hidden dangers lurking within asbestos
  • Today we know much more about the dangers of this material

Asbestos is everywhere

It is in old buildings but just because you don’t live or work in an ancient building, don’t think asbestos is not present. And remember that it could in your roof, floor, outside building, fences, almost anywhere. If you run a business, clients coming to your business as well as your staff could all be at risk if asbestos breaks free. Again, the simplest and safest step is to have your property inspected. All Star can put your mind at ease. If asbestos is present, you can then obtain a review of its condition and then a free quote should you wish to have the asbestos removed. It’s that easy.

Can you DIY asbestos removal?

Asbestos removal is a job for a specialist like All Star. Governments have strict laws about how asbestos can be removed, how it can be transported and where it can be stored. It has the potential to cause serious health issues. Do not take risks. Trust your asbestos removal to the best.

Benefits of dealing with All Star Asbestos Removals

  • They are trained and registered in all aspects of asbestos inspection and removal
  • They follow all the government rules and regulations
  • Their staff are highly trained and expert
  • They have all the state-of-the-art equipment for inspection, testing and removal
  • They have years of experience
  • They provide obligation and cost free quotes
  • They tackle all jobs regardless of size or difficulty

All Star Asbestos Removal serves Victor Harbor with their slogan, “Asbestos? We’re the bestos.”

Give them a call today. 0447 496 700