Asbestos Renovation

Safe and effective asbestos removal for renovation projects

If you own a period property built before the 90s and you’re looking to renovate, you may want to ensure that there are no present asbestos-containing materials beforehand.

Exposure to this hazardous material does not only cause possible interruptions to your renovation but also puts your health at risk.

Treat the matter seriously and seek help from a reliable registered contractor like Allstar Asbestos. We can provide you with a no-obligation quotation for asbestos inspection so you can start your renovation project as soon as possible.

Types of asbestos inspections

There are three main types of assessments that can be done to inspect your property for asbestos. These are:

Type 1

AKA presumptive asbestos inspection, which involves evaluating any suspicious materials without taking samples. This is an affordable approach to test for the presence of asbestos for your renovation project.

Type 2

Also known as asbestos sampling where a representative sample of the suspected material is collected for testing. This eliminates the need to take expensive procedures if found that no asbestos is detected.

Type 3

Called the demolition asbestos inspection. As the name suggests, it determines the exact location of asbestos in the area being demolished. This approach also involves the assessment of wall cavities, as well as other areas that are not accessible to occupants.

Why choose Allstar Asbestos

Allstar Asbestos is the leading expert for providing asbestos removal services. Not only do we offer complete solutions from inspection to replacement but we also take care of all necessary approvals and permits to kickstart the project.

We are fully licensed and accredited through SafeWork SA and the EPA and we’re committed to providing you with exceptional service.

If you’re in Adelaide or the greater metropolitan area, let us help.

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Allstar Asbestos provides expert, professional asbestos removal and consultancy services you can rely on. Based in Adelaide SA, we help customers in all sectors make their visions a reality.

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