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If you live in or around Adelaide Hills areas such as Mt Barker, Mt Lofty, Bridgewater, Stirling, Aldgate, Hahndorf, Inglewood and Oakbank, and your property was built before 1990, chances are there is asbestos in your home, fence, garage or outbuildings. Let’s face it, asbestos was cheap, easy to obtain and handle and great for insulation.

People put it in their roof, walls, downpipes, fences and elsewhere. It performed a great service with a minimum cost. Asbestos was smiled upon. But when more and more people became ill particularly with lung problems, medicos saw a common thread. Most of these patients were involved with asbestos. In the old days, loose asbestos – the most dangerous type – was shovelled by workers meaning the deadly tiny fibres were tossed in the air creating the perfect situation to spread diseases.

How does the removal happen?

In the Adelaide Hills a professional company like Allstar Asbestos Services make a thorough inspection of the property before any work begins. Finding the asbestos and making a plan for its removal and transportation is the top priority. So is advising the neighbours of the property in the Adelaide Hills in which the asbestos removal is to take place. Nothing is left to chance.

Safe Work Australia Asbestos Guidelines

So important is the safe removal of asbestos that formal guidelines have been laid down for all dealings with asbestos And of course asbestos removal can occur not only with residential properties in the Adelaide Hills but with commercial properties as well.

If you are planning any renovation to your current property, having it examined by an expert asbestos removal company is the first step. Find out where the asbestos is located and what sort of condition it is in.

In some situations, it can be decided to leave the asbestos where it is. It is bonded and deemed safe in its current Class B position. Experts may recommend a type of protective cover to ensure the safe situation is made even safer. But again it all comes down to working with an expert and experienced company such as Allstar Asbestos Services.

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