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There are thousands of buildings, both residential and commercial, in Adelaide in which asbestos exists. That in itself is not a problem. It is only when asbestos is removed, deliberately through demolition or renovation, or through age and deterioration that it becomes a problem. Remember asbestos can be in the walls, floor, roofing and elsewhere and many outbuildings and many pipes and fences were built using asbestos. The most sensible step to take is to have your property tested. Is there asbestos on my property and if so, what is its condition? The testing process is the first and most important step. Having an inspection for testing will enable you to make a decision re the removal of any asbestos. It’s a simple process and if followed correctly will give you peace of mind.

The facts about asbestos

  • It was a cheap and effective building material when introduced
  • The dangers of asbestos were not known in the early days
  • Science has since shown that tiny asbestos particles are a serious health hazard
  • Authorities have made strict laws about the handling and disposal of asbestos

If you operate a commercial business, it may be that your building/s was constructed using asbestos. The fact that you don’t live on the property is irrelevant. Asbestos is dangerous if disturbed either by decay through age and weather or by renovation. Your employees and any customers/clients who visit your business could be affected if there is a problem with your asbestos. Obtaining a free and no obligation quote from All Star gives you that all-important knowledge. There are registers of buildings which contain asbestos, and All Star can explain the history and current condition of your premises. And of course the same inspection, testing and removal process applies equally to domestic properties.

Who do you need a specialist when it comes to asbestos?

All Star meets all the requirements. This is why you should trust them.

  • Asbestos can cause serious health problems even death
  • Only a professional knows how to inspect, test and remove safely
  • Government regulations place strict rules about dealing with asbestos
  • Dealing with a registered and approved asbestos company is vital
  • Experience and expertise are two essential qualities you should look for
  • Up-to-date training for all specialists in asbestos testing and removal
  • Detailed quote covering everything you need
  • No job is too big or too small
  • Many years of service with customer satisfaction the number one priority

What are the costs?

All Star provides a free and no obligation quote so you are able to see how competitive your quote from them is in black and white. Remember that there are several stages in handling asbestos and complete and safe removal of all asbestos is the final and most important stage of the process. Your written guarantee is that you will be totally rid of all asbestos.

All Star Asbestos Removal serves all suburbs in Adelaide and many country areas as well. Their slogan is “Asbestos? We’re the bestos.”

The safest, comprehensive asbestos removal by fully licensed and accredited specialists

Removing asbestos is not an everyday normal job that can be done by anyone. It involves a dangerous and complicated process that calls for the expertise of fully-trained and licensed industry professionals.

Allstar Asbestos can provide you with a reliable asbestos removal service that complies with the SA EPA guidelines.

Understanding asbestos

Asbestos is a natural mineral that can be found in the environment. It is heat, electricity and fire-resistant, which makes it perfect for construction.

While it’s an ideal property to use for building materials, the damage it can do to a person’s health is unrepairable.

If you suspect there are asbestos-containing materials on your property, there are certain things you need to do right away. This includes:

  • Getting a complete inspection done, especially for properties constructed between the 40s and the late 70s.
  • Immediately call for an asbestos removal service if the materials have been exposed or damaged, This may result in the asbestos fibres going airborne, which is lethal when inhaled.
  • Never attempt to drill holes, cut, or demolish suspected materials by yourself.

Why choose Allstar Asbestos

Allstar Asbestos has been servicing Adelaide for more than 15 years. Our experience and expertise, integrated with state-of-the-art technology allow us to do our job with utmost accuracy. This ensures we can help you stay asbestos-free and safe forever.

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Allstar Asbestos provides expert, professional asbestos removal and consultancy services you can rely on. Based in Adelaide SA, we help customers in all sectors make their visions a reality.

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