Safe Removal of Asbestos in Adelaide

June 01, 2021

Safe Removal of Asbestos in Adelaide

For years builders used asbestos in housing, fences and elsewhere. It was hardy, fire resistant, good for insulation and relatively cheap. But the material was a ticking time bomb. If broken down, fibres from the material can escape into the atmosphere and, if ingested, can cause fatal conditions.

So what to do with asbestos?

A couple of short and simple tips include nothing and call a professional asbestos removal Adelaide company. By nothing is meant that it is never wise to handle asbestos yourself. Leave it to a trained expert. There are safe and approved ways to handle, remove and transport asbestos. Following such ways is the only safe and recommended course of action.

There are laws and regulations

So serious do governments regard the danger asbestos can cause that there are strict regulations as to how asbestos can be removed, transported and resettled. Operators who are licenced to deal with all stages of asbestos follow these regulations down to the clothing they wear, the material used to wrap the asbestos, the vehicles used for the transportation, and the locations where the material may be safely and legally placed. Do not attempt to tackle these tasks. Call the professionals.

How do I know it’s safe?

You don’t. That’s why there are professional and licensed companies who can visit your premises and test the asbestos in your building. This is a sensible step to take and as soon as possible. The danger from asbestos comes when it cracks or breaks down. An expert inspector of asbestos can tell you exactly the condition of your asbestos and from there, recommend the right next step.

I’m considering buying a new property

Normal building inspectors look for structural defects, foundation and wiring issues amongst other things. But an expert and licenced asbestos company is the safest and best move if you are considering purchasing a building which contains asbestos. If you sign the contract and then discover the asbestos is in poor shape and needs to be removed, you will face the expense. Check out the building with an expert before you buy.

Check asbestos registers

There are lists of buildings and structures which have been built using asbestos. Being forewarned is to be forearmed. By engaging a professional and licenced asbestos company, you can have registers explained to you, have asbestos in your property tested and, if removal is required, that too can be done effectively, safely and with a minimum of fuss. Asbestos is potentially a deadly material and handling it with care can only be done successfully by an expert.

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