Asbestos Removal: Why An Asbestos Register Is So Important

May 26, 2021

Asbestos Removal: Why An Asbestos Register Is So Important

Asbestos is a superior heat-resistant product with good insulating properties. Therefore, it is popularly used in building products. To know its presence in the building, asbestos testing is conducted. Why is it important? The testing is essential to ensure the safety and health of people around. Asbestos has strong fibers that release into the air if the asbestos gets damaged or disturbed. If inhaled, the fibers can cause serious health risks. It causes harmful effects on the lungs and chest linings.

Hence, it is critically important to take precautions while doing Asbestos Removal Adelaide. Also, it is equally important to maintain an Asbestos Register in the organization.

What is Asbestos Register?

An Asbestos Register is a document or fact sheet. It tells about the material in the building containing Asbestos. This structured document gives vital data about it. Some examples are- the condition of the asbestos, type of asbestos, date of identification, activities carried out to manage asbestos, and so on. The format is not rigid. One can include columns that are relevant and useful in the given context.

The objective of managing the register is to keep track of asbestos presence. Once you know the condition and type of asbestos, it becomes easy to derive a mechanism for getting rid of it. You can decide whether the material that contains asbestos is usable or non-usable. If it is non-usable, then how much is the risk to remove asbestos from it?

Importance of asbestos register

When a building has asbestos, it is mandatory to devise a management plan to make sure that everyone in the building is safe from exposure to it. To maintain a high level of protection, the asbestos register plays a critical role. The register tells about where asbestos is located in the building. In what condition it is.

Not only from the utility point of view, but it is legally mandatory to have a well-maintained asbestos register. More importantly, it should be kept in a place easily accessible to all. The information should be written properly. It should be understood well by those who are supposed to access it. The asbestos register is supposed to be updated periodically.

According to the rules and norms of work safety, the employer is responsible for the health and well-being of employees. The Asbestos register ensures that people know the presence of Asbestos in the building. Thus, it becomes easy to plan for asbestos removal.

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