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If you live in a new house or one built in the last few years, you should have no concerns about the possibility that asbestos is on your property. This is because since 2003 the dangerous material has been banned within Australia. However, as houses have been built in Adelaide for well over 100 years, there are many residential properties which today still contain asbestos.

It is commonly known that asbestos is potentially lethal. Decades ago people worked and lived with asbestos being unaware of its potential to cause serious illness and even death. Like many things in science and medical science in particular, the world is always catching up and once people with serious lung illnesses were found to have been working with or around asbestos, it didn’t take long to realize that the miniscule fibres of the material can, once breathed or even drunk in water, cause people to become seriously ill.

Where is asbestos in your home today?

You would be surprised at the number of places asbestos is found in many an Adelaide suburban home today. Here are just some of the places asbestos can be found particularly if your house was built before 1990.

  • in your roofing
  • as insulation in your ceiling
  • in your toilet
  • in your guttering
  • in your down pipes
  • in your hot water service
  • in your flooring

Deal only with a registered expert

Because asbestos is potentially such a dangerous material and because it is illegal today to build with asbestos, discovering it, removing and transporting it can only be done successfully by a qualified asbestos specialist. Allstar Asbestos Services in Adelaide is the leading company to carry out any work when dealing with asbestos.

You need an expert who is able to carry out a complete job from an inspection and free quote to the end of the task involving the safe removal of your asbestos. Remember that no two homes are the same and because every situation is unique, you need a company with decades of experience and expertise. It goes without saying that your site will be left in first class condition once the job is finished.

Different types of asbestos

There are two categories of asbestos. Friable asbestos is Class A and this is the most dangerous type. It is broken or damaged and thus able to shed fibres. Class B asbestos is known as bonded and is deemed less dangerous because it is sealed or packed away or bonded. But don’t think that because your asbestos is Class B it is safe. If removed incorrectly or damaged in transit it can change from Class B to the more dangerous Class A.

Just another reason why engaging a professional, qualified and registered asbestos removal company such as Allstar Asbestos Services is the best, most efficient and safest way of fixing your problem with asbestos.

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