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Adelaide as a city has been around for the best part of 200 years and many of its buildings contain asbestos. It was as recent as 2003 when Australia banned asbestos products in any of its buildings. The reason of course is that we now know the serious health effects asbestos can cause. So we are faced with a problem – how to safely remove and dispose of asbestos still sitting in Adelaide’s buildings today.

You will be surprised at the number of buildings in Adelaide today which may well contain asbestos. Here is the list of the type of buildings in which asbestos was used when the buildings were constructed.

  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Schools, Colleges and Kindergartens

So we have a situation where many commercial or non-residential buildings contain asbestos and these buildings are busy and active places where people study, go to work or shop. As we know, asbestos locked away or retained safely within the building is not a danger. It’s only when asbestos is broken or damaged and its miniscule fibres can escape into the atmosphere that they become a potential risk to the health of humans.

The risk justifies the means

The reason that building with asbestos is now illegal and the reason why removal and disposal of asbestos is covered by such stringent rules and conditions is because of the health danger being so real. It took medical professionals many years to realize that asbestos was a ticking time bomb. Now that we know it can cause serious illness and even death, asbestos has entered the world of high risk.

If you are in a commercial building in Adelaide which was built many years ago and certainly before 2003 when asbestos was a legal product, you may wish to employ a professional asbestos removal company such as Allstar Asbestos Services to assess the asbestos situation in your building. Not only can you find out if asbestos is present, you can also discover the condition of the asbestos and how likely it is to cause harm to your employees or to the people who frequent your building.

Only a professional will do

Because asbestos is so dangerous, governments have introduced strict procedures and conditions under which it may be removed and stored. Doing such a task by yourself or using untrained people is asking for trouble. Only a professional asbestos removal company will suffice.

It’s good to understand if asbestos exists in your commercial building today. Here are some places asbestos may already exist on your property.

  • in the walls
  • in the ceiling
  • in pipes
  • in fences

There was a time when asbestos sheeting was a primary source of fencing. And it was a common form of insulation in a roof. Knowing if you have asbestos and if you do, where it is vitally important.

Removing asbestos

Not only do you require an expert to locate asbestos in your building and to determine whether or not it is safe, if you choose to remove the asbestos then that is the third aspect of your task. Again only a professional asbestos removal company has the authority and the expertise to safely remove the product and then of course to transport it safely and correctly to an approved site.

Don’t take risks, don’t endanger your staff or members of the public and talk to Allstar Asbestos Services to be safe and secure.

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