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Topnotch asbestos roof removal in Adelaide

Although previously thought to be good for roofing projects, asbestos is deemed to be dangerous due to its toxic properties. That is why it’s best to replace your roof with something better—and safer—as soon as you confirmed you’ve got an asbestos roof in your property.

Allstar Asbestos has a team of dedicated experts who can help you deal with the safe removal of asbestos-containing roofs. We have the skills, experience and the right equipment to make asbestos roof removal convenient for you.

Why there are a lot of asbestos roofs in Australia

Asbestos was regularly mined and manufactured in the past. Especially during the 1950s to 80s where it was a very popular construction product, used in building residential and structural properties.

Asbestos contains insulative properties, making it a preferred roofing material across the country. However, asbestos roofs break down over time, which is when it becomes dangerous to humans. This is why it’s no longer advisable to continue the use of such materials and you’re encouraged to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Why choose Allstar Asbestos

Allstar Asbestos strives to continue to carry out complete asbestos removal and management projects that comply with the SA EPA and Australian laws. We don’t just ensure the safety of your property but we also maintain the welfare of our workers through proper and thorough disposal of this hazardous material. Find out how we can help you with your asbestos needs today.

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Allstar Asbestos provides expert, professional asbestos removal and consultancy services you can rely on. Based in Adelaide SA, we help customers in all sectors make their visions a reality.

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